{ "title": "Alzheimer's Help and Support in Carlisle", "description": "Get comprehensive support, guidance, and practical resources tailored for individuals and families navigating Alzheimer's disease in Carlisle. Free info pack, daily living aids, emergency medical ID, and local social media channels.", "services": [ { "name": "Free Alzheimer's Info Pack", "description": "Answers to 300+ common questions, plus local support signposting.", "link": "GET YOUR ALZHEIMER'S INFORMATION PACK" }, { "name": "Inventory of Daily Living Aids", "description": "Curated list of essential items to manage Alzheimer's challenges.", "link": "Daily Living Aids Such as Alzheimer's medical ID" }, { "name": "Emergency Medical ID and Alert Service", "description": "Products with emergency ID and phone alert service.", "link": "ID and alert service for patients with Alzheimer's disease." }, { "name": "Local Active Social Media Channels", "description": "Access online support and guidance from local communities.", "link": "Active Local Social Media Channels" } ], "info_pack": { "title": "FREE Alzheimer's Information Pack", "content": "Includes answers to 300+ common questions, local statistics, support signposting, and daily living aids.", "link": "GET YOUR ALZHEIMER'S INFORMATION PACK" }, "local_support": { "title": "Alzheimer's Disease: Local Support in Carlisle", "description": "Access free info pack, local support, stats, and help for patients, family, and carers.", "medical_id": "Daily Living Aids Such as Alzheimer's medical ID are a smart idea in Carlisle" }, "cta": "If you're in Carlisle, get the support and guidance you need. Over 300 Alzheimer's questions answered. Don't face it alone.", "cta_link": "GET YOUR ALZHEIMER'S INFORMATION PACK" }